Administrator Guide

Covers putting CDAP into production, with components, system requirements, deployment architectures, Hadoop compatibility, installation, configuration, security setup, and operations. Appendices describe the XML files used to configure the CDAP installation and its security configuration.

  • CDAP Components

  • Deployment Architectures: Minimal and high availability, highly scalable deployments.

  • Hadoop Compatibility: The Hadoop/HBase environment that CDAP requires.

  • CDAP and Hadoop Compatibility: The different versions of CDAP and the Hadoop distributions they work with.

  • System Requirements: Hardware, memory, core, and network requirements, software prerequisites, and using CDAP with firewalls.

  • Installation: Installation and configuration instructions for either specific distributions using a distribution manager or generic Apache Hadoop clusters using RPM or Debian Package Managers:

  • Verification: How to verify the CDAP installation on your Hadoop cluster by using an example application and health checks.

  • Upgrading: Instructions for upgrading both CDAP and its underlying Hadoop distribution.

  • Security: CDAP supports securing clusters using a perimeter securityauthorizationimpersonationSSL for system services, and secure storage. This section describes enabling, configuring, and testing security. It also provides example configuration files.

  • Appendices:

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