Third-Party Integration


Apache Hadoop Key Management Server (KMS)

  • Integrations: Configuring and integrating CDAP with Apache Hadoop Key Management Service (KMS)

Accessing CDAP Datasets through JDBC and ODBC

Many Business Intelligence tools can integrate with relational databases using JDBC or ODBC drivers. They often include drivers to connect to standard databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. Most tools allow the addition of non-standard JDBC drivers.

Two business intelligence tools—SquirrelSQL and Pentaho Data Integration—are covered, explaining connecting them to a running CDAP instance and interacting with CDAP datasets.

The example Analyzing CDAP Data from BI Tools includes the use of Pentaho.

  • CDAP JDBC Driver: A JDBC driver provided with CDAP to make integrations with external programs and third-party BI (business intelligence) tools easier.

  • CDAP ODBC Driver: An ODBC driver provided for CDAP to allow integration with external Windows programs.

  • SquirrelSQL: A simple JDBC client which executes SQL queries against many different relational databases.