Resource Guarantees for CDAP Programs in YARN

CDAP Master Services (Transaction, Apache™ Twill®, CDAP programs (Workflow, MapReduce, Spark, Worker, Service) run in YARN on default YARN queues.

YARN provides capabilities for resource guarantees via Capacity Schedulers and Fair Schedulers. CDAP provides capabilities to submit CDAP programs to non-default YARN queues.

Configurations for submitting to non-default YARN queues can be specified in two levels.

  1. Using the CDAP site configuration cdap-site.xml:

    The configuration parameter of the queue name for Master Services, CDAP programs can be specified at the CDAP instance level. This is then applied for all programs. For example:

    <property> <name></name> <value>sys</value> <description>Scheduler queue for CDAP Master Services</description> </property> <property> <name>apps.scheduler.queue</name> <value>app</value> <description>Scheduler queue for CDAP programs</description> </property>
  2. Using a namespace-level property:

    The queue name to submit programs in YARN can be specified at a namespace-level by using the v3 Microservices to configure the property

    The configuration specified at the namespace-level will override the configuration specified in cdap-site.xml.

    For example, to set A as the queue name to be used for the namespace <namespace-id>, you use this HTTP PUT method:

    PUT /v3/namespaces/<namespace-id>/properties

    with the property as a JSON string in the body:

    {"config": {"": "A"}

    Note: The configuration at the namespace level can only be set for CDAP programs. This configuration cannot be applied for Master Services, since Master Services are not tied to a namespace level.

    Note: If the configuration is not specified at either the namespace or cdap-site levels, then all the Master Services, CDAP programs will be submitted to default YARN queues.

Created in 2020 by Google Inc.