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Pipeline Detail view - Layout improvements to include a more clear distinction between Pipeline-level commands and Run-level metrics


As a CDAP user, I want to be able to easily distinguish commands that operate on the Pipeline level (Configure, schedule, and run) vs. metrics and links that are more connected to the individual runs (Logs).
I want to be able to easily see runtime arguments related to that particular run.

Acceptance Criteria
Pipeline name and summary

  • The first 35 characters of the pipeline name are displayed. Longer names are ellipsis-ed (the full name is displayed on hover)

  • The user can view the description of the pipeline by selecting the

  • The user can select that version of the pipeline by clicking on a drop-down

  • Tags can be added or removed

Stop/Run buttons

  • The user can stop one or multiple current runs by selecting the stop button. If there are more than 1 run running, a popover is displayed.

  • The user can start a run manually even when there are other concurrent runs.

  • When a run is starting, the start button is disabled

  • The user can click on the "run" button only once or until the previous manually start run has started.

Concurrent runs

  • There is a visual indicator when there is more than one run running concurrently

  • The user can view all the multiple concurrent runs by clicking on the concurrent run link

  • The user can navigate to the detail view of one of the concurrent runs by selecting the name of the run in the "all runs popover"

Navigating through runs

  • The user can view previous or following runs (of the same version), by selecting the navigation arrows next to the run count (e.g. Run 18 of 100)

  • The user can navigate to another run (by using the next/preview arrows) while keeping either the Runtime Arguments or the Logs popover open. The information displayed in the popover will update to reflect the new run information.

  • If the user selects "summary" from one of the historical run views, the selected run is displayed as highlighted in the Run History chart. The info popover for that run is displayed.


    • If the run is within the last 10 runs of the pipeline, the "last 10 runs" view is displayed

    • if the run is within the last 50 runs, the "last 50 runs" view is displayed

    • if the run is within the last 100 runs, the "last 100 runs" view is displayed

    • if the run is not within the last 100 runs, the "since inception" view is displayed

Run Configs

  • All Run configs are "view only"

There are version related actions to the version of the pipeline

  • The user can:

    • Edit

    • Duplicate (current Clone)

    • Export
      the version of the pipeline displayed

  • "Delete Pipeline" deletes the entire pipeline. A confirmation modal is displayed.

    • A pipeline that is running cannot be deleted. Delete link is disabled

Release Notes



Bhooshan Mogal
November 27, 2017, 7:26 PM

I got some feedback from regarding this. Basically, one additional feature that would be nice here is to control what runs the navigation arrows allow users to navigate between. Currently, the user can navigate through every single run one by one in either direction. Instead of that, if he should be able to filter that to only navigate between currently running, failed, successful, and killed runs.

  1. Have some sort of an area in that middle section that summarizes the run stats: #Running, #Succeeded, #Failed, #Killed.

  2. Each of those stats should be clickable, and when a user clicks on Running for example, the navigation arrows only navigate between the currently running runs of the pipeline.

  3. There should be a reset, or an "all" button that clears the selection.

We could choose to do this a little differently if you think there is a better pattern for this.

Lea Cuniberti-Duran
December 6, 2017, 6:02 PM

what is the use case for this?
The user can accomplish all of those tasks in the Pipeline runs dashboard. Do we need to reproduce that same functionality in the summary view?

Tony Bach
March 20, 2018, 10:06 PM


Tony Bach


Lea Cuniberti-Duran


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