CDAP Release 6.8.3

Release Date: June 1, 2023


CDAP-20381: Added the ability to configure java options for a pipeline run by setting the system.program.jvm.opts runtime argument.


CDAP-20567: CDAP supports upgrades in the Pipeline Post-run Action (Pipeline Alerts) plugins during the pipeline upgrade process.


CDAP-20549: Fixed an issue where executor resource settings are not honored when app.pipeline.overwriteConfig is set.

CDAP-20568: Fixed an issue that caused pipelines with triggers with runtime arguments to fail after the instance was upgraded to CDAP 6.8+ and 6.9.0.

CDAP-20597: Fixed an issue where arguments set by actions and pipeline triggers didn't overwrite runtime arguments. To fix the issue, add the following runtime argument: system.skip.normal.macro.evaluation=true.

CDAP-20643: Fixed security vulnerabilities by ensuring that software updates are applied regularly to the CDAP operator images.

CDAP-20655: Fixed an issue that caused the Pipeline Studio page to show an incorrect count of triggers.

CDAP-20660: Fixed an issue that caused the Trigger's Payload Config to be missing in the UI for an upgraded instance.

PLUGIN-1582: Fixed an issue in the BigQuery Sink where the absence of an ordering key was giving an exception.

PLUGIN-1594: Fixed an issue where initial offset was not considered in the Kafka Batch Source.

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