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Note: In versions before CDAP 6.5.0, you create connections when you create a pipeline or before wrangling data. Data scientists and ETL developers provide credentials (such as the connection IP, port, and password) each time they create a pipeline. In versions 6.5.0 and later, Admins can instead create and manage the connections for data pipelines, and developers can use these connections without needing to provide credentials.

In Wrangler, you can add, edit, export, duplicate, and delete connections for each namespace. In Pipeline Studio, you can add and import connections for supported plugins for each namespace.


  1. From the Namespace Admin page, click Connections.

  2. Locate the connection you want to edit.

  3. Click the three dots and click Edit.
    You can edit the connection properties and test the connection.

  4. Click Save.

Note: You cannot edit the name of a connection.

Duplicating a Connection

To duplicate a connection, follow these steps: