cdap-sdk template not working with autobuild


I specified the 'cdap-sdk' template and it provisions fine.
If I specify autobuild, with the cdap branch as 'release/5.0', it fails, with the following in the  maven-autobuild.log file:

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Derek Wood
August 3, 2018, 2:30 AM

this is basically a coopr dependency problem. `cdap_auto` depends on java being installed first, which in a distributed cluster is taken care of by the hadoop services. in this case, java is not installed yet when maven tries to build (`cdap::sdk` would eventually install java, but not until after cdap_auto is run).

likely solution is to add java cookbook dependency to cdap_auto and call it from `cdap_auto::sdk`. I need to make sure this won't break anything else though.

A better but complex solution would be to refactor java into its own coopr service.

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Derek Wood


Ali Anwar