Appendix: cdap-site.xml and cdap-default.xml

The cdap-site.xml file is the configuration file for a CDAP installation. Its properties and values determine the settings used by CDAP when starting and operating.

Any properties not found in an installation's cdap-site.xml will use a default parameter value defined in the file cdap-default.xml. It is located in the CDAP JARs and should not be altered.

You can find all of the available parameters in CDAP git:<version>/cdap-common/src/main/resources/cdap-default.xml

For example, to see all of the available parameters in CDAP 6.7:

Any of the default values (with the exception of those marked [Final]) can be overridden by defining a modifying value in the cdap-site.xml file, located (by default) either in <CDAP-HOME>/conf/cdap-site.xml (CDAP Sandbox) or /etc/cdap/conf/cdap-site.xml (Distributed CDAP).


  • [Final]: Properties marked as [Final] indicates that their value cannot be changed, even with a setting in the cdap-site.xml.

  • Kafka Server: All properties that begin with kafka.server. are passed to the CDAP Kafka service when it is started.

  • Security: For information on configuring the cdap-site.xml file, its security section, and CDAP for security, see the documentation Security section.

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