Incompatibility with CDAP 5.x

CDAP 6.0.0 has several incompatible changes. Due to this, CDAP 6.0.0 does not support upgrade or migration from CDAP 5.x to 6.0.0. Below is the list of incompatibilities:

  • CDAP Applications and Custom Plugins:

    • In CDAP 6.0.0, cdap packages have been renamed from co.cask.cdap to io.cdap.cdap. Before you can use CDAP applications and custom plugins in CDAP 6.0.0, you need to update and recompile them.

    • In CDAP 6.0.0, support for CDAP Flows and Streams have been removed. As an alternate, CDAP applications can rely on Spark Streaming.

  • CDAP Pipelines:

    • All pipelines from existing CDAP clusters must be exported and re-imported into CDAP 6.0.0 clusters.

  • CDAP Operational Metadata:

    • All the operational metadata such as logs, metrics, lineage collected by CDAP 5.x cluster, will not be migrated to CDAP 6.0.0.

  • CDAP Datasets:

    • Dataset migration from CDAP 5.x to CDAP 6.0.0 is not supported.

  • Reusing Existing Hadoop Cluster:

    • Upgrading an existing CDAP cluster is not supported in CDAP 6.0.0.

    • We recommend you install a CDAP 6.0.0 cluster on a new Hadoop cluster. However, if you decide to use an existing Hadoop cluster, avoid possible conflicts by using a different root namespace for the CDAP 6.0.0 installation. To change the root namespace, use the cdap-site property root.namespace. For the value of this property, use any name except for cdap.

Please reach out to for discussions about any issues related to CDAP 6.0.0 installation.