Installation using Cloudera Manager

The overall installation process is:

  1. Prepare the cluster.

  2. Download and distribute packages.

  3. Install CDAP services.

  4. Start CDAP services.

  5. Verify the installation.

This section describes installing CDAP on Hadoop clusters managed by Cloudera Manager.

  • The CDAP integration with Cloudera Manager is provided in the form of a Custom Service Descriptor (CSD), which must be installed into Cloudera Manager prior to installing CDAP. The CSD contains service definitions and configurations to make Cloudera Manager "CDAP-aware."

    After the CDAP CSD has been downloaded and installed, the CDAP service can then be installed via the usual Cloudera Manager methods. CDAP parcels will be available from the preconfigured CDAP parcel repository, and the CDAP service can be added to a cluster using the "Add Service" wizard.

    A new CDAP CSD is released with each CDAP minor version (for example: 4.0, 4.1, etc.) with patch releases as needed. The installed CSD version should always match the major.minor version of the CDAP Parcel. For example, the 6.2 CSD can be used with CDAP 6.2.x.

  • If you are installing CDAP with the intention of using replication, see these instructions on CDAP Replication before installing or starting CDAP.