Stemming directive

The STEMMING directive applies the Porter stemmer algorithm for English words. The Porter stemmer has excellent trade-off between speed, readability, and accuracy. It stems using a set of rules (transformations) applied in a succession of steps. Generally, it applies approximately 60 rules in 6 steps.


stemming :column

The column contains a bag of words of type string array or type string list.

Usage Notes

The STEMMING directive applies the stemmer on a bag of tokenized words. Applying this directive creates an additional <column>_porter column. Depending on the type of the object the field is holding, it will be transformed appropriately.


Using this record, a tokenized bag of words as a string array or list of strings, as an example:

{ "word" : { "how are you doing ? do you have apples ?" } }

Applying this directive:

stemming :word

The result would be this record:


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