Merge directive

The MERGE directive merges two columns by inserting a third column into a record. The values in the third column are merged values from the two columns delimited by a specified separator.


merge :column1 :column2 :destination 'seperator'
  • The column1 and column2 values are merged using a separator. The columns to be merged must both exist and should be of type string for the merge to be successful.

  • The destination is the new column that will be added to the record. If the column already exists, the contents will be replaced.

  • The separator is the character or string to be used to separate the values in the new column. It is specified between single quotes. For example, a space character: ' '.

  • The existing columns are not dropped by this directive.

Usage Notes

The columns to be merged should both be of type string.


Using this record as an example:

{ "first": "Root", "last": "Joltie" }

Applying these directives:

merge :first :last "fullname ' ' merge :first :last :fullname ''' merge :first :last :fullname '\u000A' merge :first :last :fullname '---'

results in these records:

Separator is a single space character (' '):

Separator is a single quote character ('''):

Separator is the UTF-8 Line Feed character ('\u000A'):

Separator is multiple characters ('---'):


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