Text Metric directive

The TEXT-METRIC directive provides a metric (from 0 to 1) measuring the difference between two sequence of characters, using a specified method of measuring the distance between strings.


text-metric 'method' :column1 :column2 :destination
  • method specifies the method to be used to measure the distance between the strings of column1 and column2.

  • destination is the column the resulting difference will be stored in. If it exists, it will be overwritten. If it does not exist, it will be created.

Note: If either or both of the two columns do not exist, no error will be returned, and the destination column will still be created or overwritten.

Usage Notes

The value of the metric is always between 0 and 1.

These distance measure methods are supported:

  • block-distance

  • block

  • cosine

  • damerau-levenshtein

  • dice

  • euclidean

  • generalized-jaccard

  • identity

  • jaccard

  • jaro

  • levenshtein

  • longest-common-subsequence

  • longest-common-substring

  • overlap-cofficient

  • simon-white


Using this record as an example:

{ "tweet1": "CheeseBurgers are God tellin us everything's gonna be cool...", "tweet2": "Beer is God's gift to humankind." }

Applying this directive:

text-metric 'longest-common-subsequence' :tweet1 :tweet2 :distance

results in this record:


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