Rename directive

The RENAME directive renames an existing column in the record. The RENAME directive is case sensitive.


rename :source :target
  • source is the name of an existing column to be renamed.

  • target is the new name of the column.

Usage Notes

The RENAME directive will rename the specified column name by replacing it with a new name. The original column name will no longer be available in the record after this directive has been applied to the record.

The RENAME directive will only rename a column that exists. If the column name does not exist in the record, the operation will be ignored without an error.


Using this record as an example:

{ "x": 6.3, "y": 187, "codes": { "a": "code1", "b": 2 } }

Applying these directives:

rename :x :height rename :y :weight

results in this record:


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