Mask Number directive

The MASK-NUMBER directive applies substitution masking on the column values.


mask-number :columm 'mask'
  • The column specifies the name of an existing column to be masked.

  • The mask is a substitution pattern to be used to mask the column values.

Usage Notes

Substitution masking is generally used for masking credit card or social security numbers. The MASK-NUMBER applies substitution masking on the column values. This type of masking is fixed masking, where the pattern is applied on the fixed length string.

These rules are used for the pattern:

  • Use of # will include the digit from the position

  • Use x or any other character to mask the digit at that position


Using this record as an example:

{ "first": "Root", "last": "Joltie", "ssn": "000-00-0000", "cc": "4929790943424701" }

Applying this directive:

mask-number ssn XXX-XX-####

results in this record:

Applying this directive:

results in this record:


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