Write as JSON object directive

The WRITE-AS-JSON-OBJECT directive composes a JSON object based on the fields specified and writes it to the destination column.


write-as-json-object :column [col [ ,col]*]

The column will contain a JSON object composed of all the fields specified in the col.

Usage Notes

The WRITE-AS-JSON-OBJECT directive composes a JSON Object based on the fields or columns specified to be added to the object.

Depending on the type of object a field is holding, it will be transformed appropriately to the JSON types. NULL are also handled and converted to JsonNull.


Using this record as an example:

{ "number": 1, "text": "this, is a string.", "height" : 1.5, "weight" : 1.67, "address" : null }

And applying this directive:

write-as-json-object body number,text,height,address

would result in this record:


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