Quantize directive

The QUANTIZE directive quantizes a column based on specified ranges.


quantize :source :destination start: end=[bool|text|numeric][,start: end=[bool|text|numeric]*
  • The source column is the column to be quantized.

  • The destination column is the column where the results of the quantization are to be written.

The QUANTIZE directive quantizes based on values of the source column.

Usage Notes

The QUANTIZE directive quantizes based on values from the source column into the destination column.

Using the list of ranges specified in the options, it will value into the destination column if the source value matches one of the ranges.

The last range that the source value matches is the one that will be used.

If a range limit is missing, that range will fail without an error or exception.

If the destination column already exists, the directive will override any existing data in that column.

The values in the source column must be numeric.

The value of the range can be numeric or a string.


Using these records as an example:

[ { "body": 1 }, { "body": 2 }, { "body": 3 }, { "body": 4 }, { "body": 5 }, ]

Applying this directives:

quantize :body :body_q 1:2=20,3:4=40,5:10=max

results in these records:


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