Catalog Lookup directive

The CATALOG-LOOKUP directive provides lookups into catalogs that are pre-loaded (static). Currently, the directive supports looking up health care ICD-9 and ICD-10-{2016,2017} codes.


catalog-lookup 'catalog' :column

The 'catalog' argument specifies the dictionary to use for looking up the value in the :column.

These catalogs are currently supported:

  • ICD-9

  • ICD-10-2016

  • ICD-10-2017

Usage Notes

Using this record as an example: A record containing a single field (code) that requires looking up:

{ "code": "Y36521S" }

Applying the CATALOG-LOOKUP directive with the ICD-10-2016 Catalog:

catalog-lookup 'ICD-10-2016' :code

results in the record having an additional column code_catalog_description containing the result of the lookup. In cases where there is no matching code, a null is stored instead. For this example, in code_icd_10_2016_description:

In cases where the lookup is null or empty for a record, a null value is added to the :column field.

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