Flatten Record directive

The FLATTEN-RECORD directive was introduced in CDAP 6.7.0.

The FLATTEN-RECORD directive splits a record column with nested values into multiple columns. To flatten an array, use the FLATTEN directive.


flatten-record :column [,:column]*

The column is the name of a record column with nested values.


The directive takes multiple columns of type "Row" and brings all its elements up a level. Topmost elements will be set under new columns prefixed with the name of the parent column followed by an underscore. Existing columns with the same name will be replaced by the new values.



flatten-record :A

The record in column A is flattened.

Input Record:

| A | {B: 1, C: 2}

Output Record:

| A | A_B | A_C | {B: 1, C:2} | 1 | 2 |


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