Create Record directive

The CREATE-RECORD directive was introduced in CDAP 6.7.0.

The CREATE-RECORD directive creates a record column with nested values by copying values from source columns into a destination column.


create-record :target_column :columns [,:columns]*

Usage notes

A RECORD can be accessed as a STRUCT type in standard SQL. A STRUCT is a container of ordered fields.


Using this record as an example:

{ "id": 1, "timestamp": 1234434343, "measurement": 10.45, "isvalid": true }

Applying this directive:

create-record :list :id, :timestamp, :measurement, :isvalid

results in this record:

{ "id": 1, "timestamp": 1234434343, "datetime": 1234434343, "measurement": 10.45, "isvalid": true, "list": {"id":1,"timestamp":1234434343,"measurement":10.45,"isvalid":true} }



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