In Pipeline Studio DRAFT mode, Configure dialog box has a weird line when I add more than two custom configs


In Pipeline Studio (in DRAFT mode), I try to add more than two Spark properties in the Engine Config dialog box, but when I try to add the third property, a weird line appears, the Save button is out of place, and I can't type in the third property. I have to scroll to add the third property. I have to continue to scroll to add additional properties. The Save button and the line obscure the additional properties.

NOTE: This doesn't happen when I configure Spark properties for a Deployed Pipeline. It doesn’t happen in 6.3.0.

To reproduce:
1. In Pipeline Studio, click Configure > Engine Config > Show Custom config.
2. Try to enter 3 or more Spark properties.

See attached screen.

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Trishka Fernandes


Robin Rielley