Ops Dashboard Review Feedback


This Jira captures feedback from the Ops Dashboard review on 04/06:
1. Open runs table by default
2. Regression in table view for chart - which causes incorrect scrolling behavior
3. Remove header in Dashboard, now that reports and dashboard are two different pages
4. Checkboxes should filter the runs table
5. Rename Cancel button -> Clear Selection
6. Cog wheel icon is different -  - could you please provide the icon
7. Status selector is pending
8. Time Range selector is pending -
9. Should namespace and status columns be removed? - to provide feedback
10. How do you display runtime args? - and to provide feedback
11. Last 24 hours button is pending -
12. Legend for delay - show line instead of just color bubble - to discuss with
13. Reports list vertical size - calculate based on screen size
14. i18n integration
15. user? starter vs runner vs owner
16. Number of reports in the list view, and a report number for every report.
17. Pagination for reports list.
18. Unit for duration
19. Dashboard missing units for both Y axes. There's no unit for X axis too, but that is probably ok, since it is clear that it is time.

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Edwin Elia


Bhooshan Mogal