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Reports - Customize Runs View: Time range selector


As a CDAP user, I want to be able to specify the time range of the runs I view and/or the report I am trying to run.

By default, the time range displayed mirrors the time range displayed/selected in the Operational Dashboard, however, the user can select a specific time range by selecting either the calendar icon or the time range. is of the runs in the last 30 minutes.
On hover the icon and time range change to link blue as a signifier that the area is clickable.

The time range is displayed with the month, day, year and time spelled out.
The time is displayed in 12 hours with the label am/pm
The user can select to view runs in the last 30 minutes or in the last 1 hour, or he can save a report with a custom time range.
A report can contain any time range within the last 3 months.

SELECTING A CUSTOM RANGE (enabled for paying customers)
The user can customize the time range and pick any day and time within the last 3 months.
To customize a time range the user has to click on any portion of the time range displayed in the modal. select the "Custom range" option.

If the user has the appropriate permissions, clicking on the "Custom range" option displays the date range picker.

Otherwise, the following message is displayed:
"The "Custom range" feature, lets the user create reports with a custom time range.
Contact support@cask.co to enable"

  • Clicking on a date opens a calendar. The calendar displays our of range dates grayed out. The leftmost date represents the beginning of the time range, while the right-most date represents the end.
    When selecting the beginning date, the user can only select a date within the 3 months range.
    When selecting the end date, the user can only select dates that are not in the future and are either the same or fall after the beginning date.

  • Selecting a time opens a drop-down with a list of hours, displayed in increments of 1 hour.
    When selecting specific times, the user has not limitation in picking the initial time, however, it the ending time is before the initial time (1 pm to 10 am) the date automatically change to the following day.

Acceptance Criteria

  • When the use selects last 30 min or last 1 hour the results are dynamically generated, displaying high-level metrics that reflect the column selection, as well as a detailed list of runs in the last 30 min or 1 hour. The button is labeled "Apply"

  • When the user selects a custom range, a report is automatically saved in the “Report Saved” list.
    The button is labeled "Saved Report"

    • After selecting "Saved Report" the user is required to name the report, by either confirming the default name or creating a custom name

  • The default name for a saved report is composed by: <status selected> - <Date and time range selected>

  • Report names are unique

    • The system dynamically checks for any duplication. If the name already exists, the system adds "_n+1" after the name

  • The user can add tags to a report when creating one.

  • Saved reports are displayed in the "Saved Reports" page.

Please refer to the Bootstrap data picker behavior https://github.com/dangrossman/bootstrap-daterangepicker

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